How To Generate NOUN RRR Number for 2017

Here is the step by step procedures on how to generate the noun rrr number. This is one question that several NOUN students find difficult to answer, most students of this prestige University, are currently in a dilemma as to how to generate the Noun rrr number from the school official portal.

Here on, i will be showing you, the most easiest procedures on how to create your personalized Noun RRR number for the 2017/18 academic session.

Procedure for Online Generation of NOUN RRR Number

One of the major reason why this page is important and very straightforward, is because i will be providing you, with the complete process for generating the rrr number, and not just stopping there, but i will be doing so, with images as well.

Step 1: The very first to step to successfully generating the noun rrr number, is to visit the NOUN application page  :

Step 2: When the Application portal loads up, proceed and Click on Make Payment On Remita Link.

noun rrr number

Step 3: When the portal loads up, proceed and click on “PAY WITH REMITA”

Step 4. Click on the ‘Submit And Generate Remita Payment Reference Button (RRR)’

Step 5: When you’ve done that, you can choose to write down the displayed payment Reference Number (RRR)

Step 6: Go to the nearest commercial bank closer to you, and make payment.

Step 7: After a successful page, you can visit the portal here → : and login with your username and password.

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